About BeMovedĀ®

BeMoved goes beyond physical movement. BeMoved is a dance experience that inspires people of all movement levels to fully express themselves through the beauty of dance. Classes are designed so that every participant is empowered to move naturally within their own abilities while following the choreography. Each class gives individuals a welcoming environment in order to truly be opened and revitalized through the joy of movement.

Designed by renowned director and choreographer Sherry Zunker, classes begin with easy to follow therapeutic movements that integrate the upper and lower body. The warm-up flows into dance styles inspired by a wide variety of musical genres. Each week focuses on a different musical and dance style such as Bollywood, Jazz, Latin and Disco. BeMoved is designed to inspire participants to embrace dance as a lifelong means to health, joy and fulfillment.

Give yourself the gift of dance, for your body, your mind, and your spirit. Give yourself the gift to BeMoved.

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