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Rachel grew up in a family with a great appreciation for music and the arts. At twelve years old, she was bitten by the dance bug and began studying intensively. She took classes in Iowa City, with a local dance studio and at the University of Iowa Dance Department. She also spent summers studying with the Gus Giordano Dance Studio in Evanston, Illinois.

Other dance travels took her to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, (for dance as well as theatre) at the renowned Perry Mansfield Camp, and to Interlochen Arts Academy (as a dance major) where she graduated high school. She dreamed of pursuing a professional career in dance and theatre, but life took several different turns.

Rachel missed the kind of creative expression and increased fitness that dancing provides and feels like she’s found a missing part of herself in BeMoved. As an Artistry BeMoved® Certified Instructor, Rachel is licensed to teach all sixteen of the genres of this new dance fitness experience, so expect a different style of dance & music each week. About BeMoved, Rachel says, “Creator Sherry Zunker's choreography is brilliant because anyone can do it—former dancers love it, but so do those who've never danced a step.” Come join the movement and let Rachel help you unleash your inner dancer.

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BeMoved is a new dance fitness experience designed by Sherry Zunker. Classes begin with easy- to-follow therapeutic movements that integrate the upper and lower body. The warm-up flows into dance styles inspired by a wide variety of musical genres. Each week focuses on a different musical and dance style such as Bollywood, jazz, Latin and disco. BeMoved is designed to inspire participants to embrace dance as a lifelong means to health, joy and fulfillment.

Watch videos, read testimonials, get answers to FAQs, and more at www.bemoved-dance.com

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