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What would it mean to be your most vibrant, radiant self?

Since 2008, I have included rainforest botanicals in my diet and skincare regimen, with very pleasing results. These Amazon Herb products come from wild and sustainably harvested sources in the most abundant and bio-diverse region on our planet. By choosing to include them in our lives, we're actually making a positive impact on the future of the rainforest, not to mention on our own well being.

Amazon Herb is now partnering with TriVita—a unique company in the health and wellness industry. Click here to explore the new home of Amazon Herb. I'm proud to be a part of Joy Taylor's Wealth of Life team, an incredible support system for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of joining this business. Please contact me if this interests you at rachel@rachelklapper.com.

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invite the magic of the rainforest into your life

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Treat yourself with Nature’s ultimate secret for healthy-looking skin.

Unrivaled by anything else in nature, the rich bounty of the rainforest is captured in each bottle of "Amazon Rain" skincare, offering organic nourishment to bring out your inner beauty.

Complete system includes: Cleanser, Exfoliator, Mist, Serum, Oil and Moisturizer. Each product also available individually. Order Amazon Rain risk free today!

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