The Blessing of Yoga

Rachel became an avid student of yoga in 1997, when she realized how calm and centered she felt after her very first class. That sense of well-being later helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life. Ten years later, she decided to teach and completed her first teaching certification in the fall of 2007. She began teaching right away and has been with Heartland Yoga in Iowa City since it opened in 2008. Rachel has studied with many prominent yoga teachers in various lineages including Anusara, Iyengar, Classical Yoga, and Kripalu. Rachel's alignment-based classes have a reputation for being light, fun, joyful, and full of humor. She considers it a blessing to teach yoga and to share its transformative power with her students.

Come take yoga with Rachel

What can you expect in Rachel’s classes?

“Rachel just radiates joy - I want what she’s got! Lucky for us, she has a wonderfully gentle way of passing it along through her teaching.”

Tim C.

“…very relaxed, non-intimidating, and comfortable. Every student gets attention and help if they need it. As a beginner, I felt like I fit in just as much as those who have practiced for years. She pushes us just the right amount: not too far, yet allowing us to do more than we ever imagined. I'll never forget the day David did a handstand in Rachel’s class!!! That is a prime example. Best of all, at the end of every class, I always leave very relaxed, yet energized to take on the rest of the day.”

Jon N.

“Rachel is attentive to her students, demonstrating and correcting when necessary. She reminds students what to pay attention to, how to improve a position, and how to modify an asana to accommodate the individual body.”

Diana H.

“Why do I enjoy Rachel’s classes? Because she is patient, positive, never boring and always smiling!!! No matter my state of being when I enter the yoga studio, I always leave feeling more balanced both physically, mentally, and emotionally. And Rachel helps us learn techniques that are ‘take away’…we can practice these positions and stretches at home until we meet her in class again.”

Katia M.

“Class with Rachel combines much of the best of yoga: a well-integrated practice with sufficient but not overbearing correction, a lovely humor (helping to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously), and a gentle reminder of the ability of yoga to reflect and change our lives.”

Nancy H.

“Rachel’s specific instruction has aided my alignment and awareness greatly. Her attention to spreading consciousness to position and muscle involvement is just what I need week in and week out. Thanks so much, Rachel, for your dedication.”

Cheryl H.

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